Hopefully these FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) will help answer any queries you might have, but please drop us an email to info@strawbear.org.uk if there is something we are missing.



Q.      What will happen in 2022?

We're sorry to announce the Straw Bear Festival 2022 has been cancelled.


Q.      I haven't received my order, what can I do?

Please bear with us. If you have received a confirmation email from the system, we will have received your order. All of our team are volunteers and have other commitments and will process your order as soon as possible. Please feel free to email memorabilia@strawbear.org.uk or call Karen on 07941 085272 in the mean time.

Q.      I'm having trouble placing an order?

We're sorry to hear this. We have little control over the payment process of the shop from our hosting service. Please try again from the beginning in 5/10 minutes and if payment really isn't going through, please drop us an email to let us know. We will sort an alternative method of ordering out for you. Thank you for your patience.

Q.      Something I know you usually sell isn't currently available in the shop, can I still order it?

Quite possibly, yes! Just contact Karen by emailing memorabilia@strawbear.org.uk or by phone on 07941 085272 to discuss your requirements.


Q.      What happened during Straw Bear Online - What did I miss?

Prerecorded videos were broadcast using YouTube and links on our Facebook page. You can still 'Subscribe' to our YouTube channel here and our Facebook page here. The videos are still on our YouTube Channel for your enjoyment, so feel free to catch up at your leisure, they are also on our Straw Bear Online 2021 website page too.

All 'Live' events took place in Zoom and they were not recorded, sorry, therefore they are no longer available to participate in.

Q.      Can I still support the festival?.

Yes! It is not too late to donate here, or buy a momento from the shop. Thank you!