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What's On at the next Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival ?

Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival 2021
Cancellation Statement - 20th June 2020

​Due to the Covid-19 pandemic still present in general circulation and as there are no announced guidelines regarding “mass gatherings” set by the UK Government, we regret to announce that as Festival organisers we have made the decision to cancel the 2021 festival.

We feel very fortunate to have actually held our 2020 festival in January and as event organisers are truly saddened to have to make this announcement.  
Why do this now rather than hope for the best?

We have spent significant funds running the 2020 festival and money made at that event would normally be progressively spent or pledged to cover infrastructure, performing artists and other costs of staging the next festival.

By cancelling now, we can secure festival funding for future years, when we are assured that the event can take place. As a not-for-profit organisation we have limited reserves so we must act prudently.

As the 2020 event ended, planning for the 2021 festival had started but will now be put on hold for 12 months. We hope that we can then recommence and enable an event to take place in January 2022. 

We would like to thank all of the active Strawbearers, voluntary organisations, participants and our loyal supporters for attending this year’s event and we hope to see you all in 2022.

Roger Boon, Director Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival


Please see our Archive pages for previous years


Dance Teams that usual attend our Festival

Dance Team Style Website
Black Annis Cotswold/Molly www.blackannismorris.org
Black Pig Border Border www.blackpigborder.co.uk/home
Chiltern Hundreds North West www.chilternhundredsmorris.co.uk
Crosskey Clog North West www.crosskeyclog.org
Customs and Exiles North West/Border www.customsandexiles.co.uk
Danegald Morris North West www.danegeld.org.uk
Earlsdon North West www.earlsdonmorrismen.org.uk
Ely & Littleport Riot Ladies www.elriot.co.uk
Gog Magog Molly Molly www.gogmagogmolly.org.uk
Kemps Men of Norwich Cotswold www.kempsmen.org.uk/wp/
Kick Start Apalachian Appalachian www.facebook.com/KickStartAppalachian/
Manor Mill Morris North west www.manormillmorris.wordpress.com
Mepal Molly Molly
Midwinter Mummers Mummers
Minster Strays Border www.minsterstrays.org.uk
New Road Molly Molly www.newroadprimary.com
Old Glory Molly Molly www.old-glory.org.uk
Ouse Washes Molly www.ousewashesmolly.uk
Ox Blood Molly Molly www.geocities.ws/howardandkay/OxBlood_Molly
Park Lane Molly Molly www.parklaneprimary.com
Peterborough Morris Cotswold www.peterboroughmorris.co.uk
Pig Dyke Molly Molly www.pigdyke.co.uk
Pretty Grim Border www.prettygrim.weebly.com
Ramrugge Morris North West www.ramrugge.org.uk/index.html
Rattlejag Plough Morris www.rattlejagmorris.org.uk
Red Leicester Border www.leicestermorrismen.co.uk
Rutland Morris Border & Cotswold www.morrismen.org.uk
Slack Ma Girdle Border Morris Border www.slackmagirdle.com
Stevenage Sword Rapper www.stevenagesword.org.uk
The King's Morris Cotswold www.thekingsmorris.co.uk
Tower Ravens Rapper Sword www.towerravens.org.uk
Trentside Holmes Morris Cotswold www.thmorris.btck.co.uk
Tyler's Men Border www.tylersmen.wordpress.com
Waters Green Morris Cotswold www.watersgreenmorris.weebly.com
White Rose Morris Cotswold www.whiterose.byethost15.com/index.html?i=1
Witchmen Border Morris Border www.witchmen.com


Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival Parade Route

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Please visit the Peterborough Folk Diary for details of other folk events in the Peterborough area www.peterboroughfolkdiary.org.uk.


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