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Contact the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival

Call: 01733 208245
or in writing to:
119 Eastrea Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2AJ

or email: info@strawbear.org.uk

(We do not permit traders of any kind at our festival)

We will be running a Park and Ride Scheme 
from Sir Harry Smith Community College to Grosvenor House Bus Station.
This will run approximately every 15 minutes, from 9:00
am to 4:30pm.

Either book Online through Paypal

or if you prefer to Pay by Cheque please contact the Box Office on 07857 357 970 or email boxoffice@strawbear.org.uk

(Available from 1st October)

Please email: memorabilia@strawbear.org.uk

or call Karen Simmons on 07941 085272

FAQ's - "simply click for the answers"

How do I get to Whittlesey?

  • Come off the A1M at junction 17 and take the A1139 (Fletton Parkway) as far as the junction 3A (Ikea roundabout, as it is known locally). Take the 4th exit off the roundabout, going under the A1139 and follow the A605 to Whittlesey.

  • There are also buses, trains and taxis from Peterborough. NOTE: The train station is approximately 10 -15 minute walk from the Manor Leisure Centre.

Where can I park my car?

  • There are public car parks at Queen Street, near The Co-op on Grosvenor Road and on Woolpack Lane.

  • Parking will be available at The Conservative Club, Peterborough Road, Whittlesey on Festival day.

  • We will be running a Park and Ride Scheme from Sir Harry Smith Community College to Grosvenor House Bus Station. This will run approximately every 15 minutes, from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Is there somewhere to stay if I want to stay overnight?

  • There are a few B&Bs and pubs in the town who offer bed and breakfast but the early bird catches the worm. You may need to book up early! The nearest larger hotels are in Peterborough or Eye

  • Remember, if you do decide to stay overnight, you might also like to buy tickets for the Friday night concert and Saturday night dances. Call the Box Office on 07857 357 970

What time does the parade start ?

  • It starts at 10:30am at The Manor Leisure Centre on Station Road

Where will I find the Bear during the day?

  • There is a route map in the middle of the official programme which explains where he should be at certain times

Where can I get hold of the Official Programme for the Festival?

  • There will be people on the streets with "collecting buckets" who have badges and programmes for sale at only £1.

Are there any Public Toilets?

  • There are public toilets in the small car park behind The George Hotel (behind the Market Place).

Can I get something to eat during the day?

  • Yes, the town has a good choice of cafes or chip shops. For example; on the Market Place, on Market Street, on High Causeway, on East Gate, on Orchard Street and on Blunts Lane

  • Also, most pubs and church halls sell food or sandwiches on the day

  • Our yearly Programme includes a list of "Places to Eat" - Whittlesey Pubs, Take-aways and Restaurants.

Can I get a meal in the evening?

  • Yes, there are several restaurants in the town. For example; English, Italian and Indian.

Can I drink on the streets?

  • There is a DPPO (Designated Public Place Order) in place in Whittlesey which does not allow drinking in the streets but on Straw Bear Day the Police monitor the situation and act accordingly. Festival visitors will be allowed to drink sensibly from plastic glasses outside the pubs where there is dancing.

Will there be a First Aider somewhere, if I need one?

  • Yes, the St Johns Ambulance First Aiders are on hand between 10am and 4.00pm. Their ambulance will be parked at the side of The George on the Market Place.

  • Whittlesey is a very caring community and has many defibrillators all around the town. If someone you know should need one, here is a list of the nearest ones on Straw Bear Day.
    1. The Letter B –        53-57 Church Street, Whittlesey – PE7 1DE
    2. The Ivy Leaf –       1 Gracious Street, Whittlesey – PE7 1AB
    3. Chippy Sue’s –      14 The Delph, Whittlesey – PE7 1QH
    4. Town Hall –          Market Street, Whittlesey – PE7 1BD
    5. Grosvenor House – Eastgate, Whittlesey – PE7 1GH
    6. Childers –             1A Station Road, Whittlesey – PE7 1SA
    7. The Scout Hut –    Inham’s Road, Whittlesey – PE7 1SS
    8. Whittlesey Fire Station – Cemetery Road, Whittlesey – PE7 1RU

      Look out for the official AED logo

      AED logo


If I lose my child, where should I go to report it?

  • If you lose your child, find an official, wearing a hi-vis yellow vest standing at any of the road closure barriers. They will be able to radio through to other officials who may have found your child.

What time does it all finish?

  • The Grand Finale is on the Market Place at 3pm, where the Bear and his guests will perform their final dances

  • The streets will then be cleared by 4.00pm

  • Remember, you could always see if there are any tickets left for the Barn Dance at only £12 each. Call the Box Office on 07857 357 970

What happens to the Bear when the day is over?

  • The Bear goes home! BUT the next day his costume of straw is burnt, after an afternoon of music and dance, at Sir Harry Smith Community College

Whats the weather normally like at that time of January?

  • We generally have quite good weather - naturally it will be cold but sometimes even sunshine! You can check out todays weather at www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2634010

Is there anything else to see in Whittlesey?

  • You might find the following town tour leaflet (with map) quite useful but difficult to follow on a busy Straw Bear day!!


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